At the null of Chestnut Mountain sits a small piece of heaven. 

 Historically known as the Medford Farm, Chestnut Ridge Venue is surrounded by a family homestead with a 150 acres of rolling hills and farmland. As previous tobacco farmers, Chestnut Ridge is still a successful working farm full of homegrown sugar cane for old fashioned, vatted molasses and grazing livestock.
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Taylor and Preston are college sweethearts (Go Wolfpack!!) and love all things that have to do with the Mountains they call home. Chestnut Ridge owners, Preston and Taylor Gregg, were married on this raw land over 12 years ago and from that day forward began to dream of sharing their love for this land with couples just like you. As if weddings don’t keep them busy enough, Taylor and Preston have three precious little blessings (3 boys under the age of 7!!) and 2 four-legged fur babies who they spend every ounce of their down time with. Originally from this land, Preston always knew he'd return to it as a place to raise his family. Taylor’s first experience outside of her hometown of Charlotte was eye opening to say the least; she literally couldn’t think of a more beautiful spot to marry the love of her life and begin her dream life as an entrepreneur.

taylor and preston

college sweethearts
parents to three boys
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our philosophy

Chestnut Ridge believes in the lasting experience. This is where we transcend the expected by offering breath-taking views, meaningful amenities, and the freedom to dream. Chestnut Ridge is where you’ll truly meet your memories. From weddings, conferences, luncheons, and business events, we look forward to sharing our piece of home with you.

Taylor, the heart and soul behind Chestnut Ridge, adores all things southern, from sweet tea to chocolate (though not together!), and she has an unwavering love for homemade pound cake with her hot tea (yes, always together!). Running her dream business from her home base, she feels humbled to share the blessing of home with couples, their families, and guests.

As the Founder and Designer of Chestnut Ridge, Taylor's success in the wedding industry, dating back to 2013, is rooted in her extensive experience. From working for other venues in Asheville to planning weddings across North Carolina (from the triad to the mountains!), she has encountered nearly every setup, situation, and challenge at Chestnut Ridge. Taylor, alongside her husband, played a pivotal role in building and designing the venue together. Beyond weddings, she continues to style and design parties for corporate events and family gatherings.

Embracing the chaos, Taylor is a total boss babe during the day, steering a mega-successful business while being a total girl's girl. By night, she transforms into a full-time mom to a lively crew of boys who keep her delightfully busy.

Meet Taylor

founder + owner

Labeling what she does at Chestnut Ridge is a challenge, as she embraces various roles, reveling in the diversity of assisting couples in multiple aspects on their special day. While she takes pride in being your go-to person for crafting cocktails and refining your ideal bar package, Maddy also finds joy in truly getting to know our couples.

A graduate of the NC State Animal Science program, Maddy's passion for detail orientation shines through, evident in her exceptional color-coded To-Do lists. Her animal expertise is now dedicated to a small-scale farm she and her husband manage in their free time. On her days off, catch Maddy in the garden, tending to her critters, and snuggling on the couch with her two precious girls and all the four-legged fur babies watching a delightful Netflix series.

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Meet Maddy

Bar Manager + master of all the things

Alexa, a dedicated member of our team for over three years, has navigated through various roles within the Venue. Starting as a Venue Associate, she transitioned through positions like Bartender and Day-of Go-To-Gal, showcasing her versatility. Alexa is adept at cutting through the noise, delivering results with her no-nonsense attitude and fantastic sense of humor. Hailing from Canton, NC, she's not just our local go-to-gal but also an invaluable team player.

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Meet Alexa

Venue Manager

Meet Emily, our local gem, proudly born and raised in Black Mountain, North Carolina. A graduate of Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina, Emily discovered her passion for planning and leadership during her roles as President and VP of Recruitment in Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

With a fashion sense that blends French Girl Chic and Hampton Casual, Emily is a devoted lover of the color blue. Her interests include good books, tacos, spicy margs, Harry Styles, and heartwarming rom-coms. As a self-proclaimed "Hopeful Romantic," she believes in separating hopeless and romantic in a sentence.

Renowned for her God-given talent of connecting with people, Emily's vibrant personality (reminiscent of a Golden Retriever) is complemented by her straightforward, bold, and honest approach, typical of a Gemini. Every couple holds a special place in her heart, and you can find her in the background, shedding a tear of joy while witnessing your "I Do." Passionate about making a difference in each couple's life, Emily is committed to creating memorable experiences.

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Meet Emily

planner + Designer

Meet Whitney, our incredibly versatile Wedding Planner. Originally from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Tennessee, she's now happily settled in the picturesque mountains of NC. Whitney holds a bachelor's degree in Interior Design from Radford University, where she discovered her passion for event planning and design.

Describing her vibe as eclectic, Whitney effortlessly blends black and moody tones with lively patterns and vibrant pops of green or blue. A lover of puppies, family, friends, sunshine, coffee, and lime margaritas, she brings joy to every occasion.

With a people-pleasing nature developed through 10 moves in 20 years, Whitney is passionate about ensuring everyone around her is happy. Expect to see her smiling on your wedding day, with happy tears in her eyes, making your special day at Chestnut Ridge truly memorable.

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Meet Whitney

Planner + designer

At CR, our passion for weddings drives us from the moment we open our doors to the time we rest our heads at night. Whether we're the friendly face in your first email, the guide on your venue tour, or the mixologist crafting your drink on the big day, taking care of YOU is what we love most.

Consider us more than just your wedding day crew; think of us as your extended family. Your well-being matters to us, and we take immense pride in our expertise. Serving you is our top priority, and each of us is dedicated to going above and beyond in fulfilling our duties leading up to and on your special day.

With that sentiment, and on behalf of the entire CR team,

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